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BeYou Story



Our quest to find the ultimate care and treatment for the skin, we have traveled around the world in search of the purest ingredients.

We discovered that our shea butter is an unrivaled product and we feel we need to pass on to you.

Our trip led us to West Africa, where we found the purest organic form of shea butter. Shea butter is a special ingredient that is extracted from the shea tree's nut. Our distinctive product is unique on the skin. 

Our sheabutter contains natural vitamins such as A, E and F - which are essential to the body's care because these vitamins are important to the skin due to that:

Vitamin A provides a healthy skin and helps prevent wrinkles, reduces brown stains and smooth roughness and rejuvenated. Its especially recommended for preventive purposes.

Vitamin E helps to protect the skin's harmful tissue also for people who have eczema or psoriasis. Protects your skin when it is damaged from the sun's UV light and if used before sunbath, the skin becomes less red, raised and dry.

Vitamin F contains anti-inflammatory effect that heals different wounds, stimulates metabolic processes and stages of skin regeneration.


Therefore, Beyou's shea butter can act as a natural moisturizer, for an effective anti-dry skin and contains natural sun protection, factor 6. In addition, it benefits from

-Stretch marks 



-Psoriasis and scar tissue


We have chosen "BeYou" as a name because our products support your own health. Our creams are health certified, which means they are allergy tested. We are the first in Denmark to have a Shea product certified.

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