Won a Nominee Award in 2018 at Allergy certified Awards in Amsterdam for the best friendly product for both genders,



I am Unrefined shea butter is 100 % Natural fat cream. Our products make it suitable and ideal for it to be used as a moisturizer of the skin, massage butter, heal minor skin irritations. For example it can be applied for various conditions like: - Dry skin for hands, elbows and feet etc.- Irritated skin, eczema- Stretch marks- Nails - After shaving and waxing- When sunburn, after peeling- Insect bite - Small burns- To kids when they have irritated skin- Cracked and dry lips- Dry hair tips- Scars- Natural Sun blocker Our high-quality organic refined shea butter does not contain a smoky nut scent. ​

I am Unrefined Shea Butter

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  • 'I am Unrefined shea butter' has a moisturising and healing effect. Therefore, it can be used in a variety of skin issues, such as:

    ✔️ Dry skin for hands, elbows and feet etc.
    ✔️ Irritated skin, eczema
    ✔️ Stretch marks
    ✔️ Nails
    ✔️ After shaving and waxing
    ✔️ When sunburn, after peeling
    ✔️ Insect bite
    ✔️ Small burns
    ✔️ To kids when they have irritated skin
    ✔️ Cracked and dry lips
    ✔️ Dry hair tips
    ✔️ Scars
    ✔️ Natural Sun blocker

    100% natural

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