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1- Organic Seaweed 100% natural

Contains high concentrations of Vitamins A, B, C and E it helps with brightening benefits, collagen and elastin which help firming up the skin , a perfect ingredient to revitalise, contain antioxidants and leaves your skin plenty of glow.

How to apply:

  • Cleanse your face before applying to remove surface dirt, oil and makeup 

  • Take the SeaWeed in a bowl, then apply a little bit of wished liquid to mix it up. Could be Greentea, water, rose water, milk etc. 

  • The consistency will change so you can smooth the mask on your face in sections. 

  •  Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes, then peel it off


2- C-Vitamin Cream: 


Beyou’s C-Vitamin cream is a moisturizer that saturates the skin with a 2% dose of vitamin C, which promotes a clearer, fresher and brighter complexion. The face cream helps to renew the skin and make it clearer so that it looks radiant.

How to use : Apply daily 



3- Unrefined Shea Butter: 

'I am Unrefined shea butter' has a moisturising and healing effect. Therefore, it can be used in a variety of skin issues, such as:

✔️ Dry skin for hands, elbows and feet etc.

✔️ Irritated skin, eczema

✔️ Stretch marks

✔️ Nails

✔️ After shaving and waxing

✔️ When sunburn, after peeling

✔️ Insect bite

✔️ Small burns

✔️ To kids when they have irritated skin

✔️ Cracked and dry lips

✔️ Dry hair tips

✔️ Scars

✔️ Natural Sun blocker


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