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Women & Shea butter 

Building infrastructure to Empower women


BeYou SkinCare is passionate about empowering women through the supply chain. Women perform much of the labor but own few of the resources to develop a thriving farm. Shea butter is different, though. Shea trees are not cultivated on plantations, and are instead harvested where they grow naturally. Women typically collect the fruit of the shea tree and process the seeds into shea butter. Shea is conducive to helping many independent farmers make a living for their families.

Our Partnership with Natasja's foundation in Denmark and Sudan has already opened new doors and opportunities for West African unemployed women to secure their families and living expenses, the more we consume the more women we will help, We are aiming to develop the long-term viability of farming and increase farmer income. Considering that shea has a desirable high quality fat for creating confectionery products, protecting these trees is a very important initiative for both the industry and the women who process shea butter. in addition to that we are working in progress to introduce entertaining activities for the community, such as charitable music events, sport competitions and coaching new talents etc, This is a very interesting subject for us to focus on because we believe that happiness inspires productivity and the most effective way to improve productivity is to work with smile love and passion.


When it comes to fair trade and good business practices, “there are great programs that are finding collaborative solutions to making progress. It’s important to consumers. No one wants to buy a product that is exploiting anyone.

On the other side BeYou team believes in a better world, forged from passion, care and love. Now it’s up to us, to turn these ideals in actions and our principles into products. Piece by piece, we’ll create the world we imagined, through products that give health and care

''We not only believe in making our products in the right way. We believe in making our products right.''


Our products are made with durability in mind. The people who live natural lifestyle which represents what we stand for ''Beyourself'' are healthy. They’re in constant motion. So we’ve worked hard to create products that can withstand even the most health lifestyle.


Our goal is to create high-quality products in the most ethical and environmentally positive way. That means not cutting corners and doing what’s right, not what’s easy.


We’re holding ourselves to the toughest standards. Our products are made from recycled white opal glass-the highest standard for glass and forest products and diffrent types of recycled papers, We also use recyclable plastics. These kinds of standards are held for all of our products.

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